Friday, April 22, 2011

its a "different" wonderful!

So where do I begin... It was a year ago this February that Jayci was diagnosed with Congenital Muscular Dystrophy, I was apprehensive about making a site for her at first, but now I think it is a good time. I suppose I waited partially because I wanted to protect my baby girl. I have never posted anything on Facebook or the like because I couldn't, It hurt too bad, this wasn't the flu or the sniffles, I didn't want to belittle what was going on with her life by a status update, I know its a quick way to get information out there, but I just wasn't ready, and hey!, I'm still expecting a miracle here!! A diagnosis is not a sentence to a life less lived or less enjoyed. I could tell you many things Jayci cannot do, but rather then that I would start with the things she can do! Just the other day she was given a test by one of her therapist she scored in the high 90's for verbal and communication skills.. I mean she can carry on full conversations! Its so fun to listen to her! She can sing full songs along with the radio, with the family or all by herself! She loves being outside, She can entertain her dollies or anyone else that's around to listen to her ideas, story's or a full, exaggerated explanation of events that have taken place recently, She loves dressing up in her many tutu's and bows. She must have nail polish on each finger and toe.. or she likes me to fix it.. She loves jewelry too! You will rarely see her without a necklace on! There is something so special about Jayci, and even though I can't exactly place my finger on it. I know God plans to use her in incredible way today and in her future! She Loves life! I don't know if she knows yet what makes her a little different, She has dried my tears many times, and assures me that "its ok, mommy" and "don't be sad." She doesn't yet know the tears have been for her, I guess I ache for what tomorrow may bring, and people choosing to see a wheelchair, a disability or a handicap...When they could see the most amazing little girl in the world, that could brighten any dull day with a simple smile, What I've realized is through your life you will need to make decision on how you look at peoples ability's and disabilities Although her physical strength may appear weak.. I assure you, Strength doesn't come from physical capacity. It comes from an individual will. Strength to me now, is the size of ones heart... and trust me, She is the strongest little girl I know. My next post I will update you on where Jayci is at physically, so I can get you caught up with that! Thanks for reading!